Terms & Conditions

  • Once an event is reserved there is no refund if cancelled.
  • You can use your credit for any future event or for a post-poned date.
  • After the booking is paid, the time of the event cannot be changed unless there is room for a courtesy change in our calendar, otherwise we are not subject to change anything.
  • If the event is cancelled, there is no refund under any circumstances, this includes natural disasters, pandemics, or any other reason.
  • Instead we will provide full credit for anything in the future.
  • All parking/valet fees must be covered by client.
  • If there are more kids than the amount you booked us to cover, we are not responsible for the kids left without a balloon or face paint.
  • Once you book an artist for a specific amount of time we do not guarantee availability to extend the time the day of event, due to the fact that we get multiple bookings per day and the artist at your event might already be booked for another event right after yours.
  • To ensure all your guests are covered we recommend to book the artist according to the amount you want to cover.